Epididymitis Treatment

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Treatment for Epididymitis

Our epididymitis treatment adopts epididymal injection remedy to cure both infection and cyst in the epididymis. The treatment of epididymitis is a local remedy with administration of both western antibiotics and Chinese herbal medicine TCM in the epididymis. A cure on epididymitis is attainable after epididymal infections, epididymal cyst and lump are eradicated.

List of epididymitis treatments and related treatments for epididymis infection and related genital, urinary and reproductive infections:

Epididymis Injection Treatment

Epididymitis, Epididymal Infection, Epididymal Inflammation, Epididymal Cysts, Testicle Cysts, Testicular Cyst, Epididymis Lumps, Testicle Lump


Prostate Injection Treatment

Prostatitis, Prostate Infection, Blocked Prostate, Obstructed Prostate, Calcified Prostate, Enlarged Prostate, Swollen Prostate

Seminal Vesicles Injection Treatment

Vesiculitis, Seminal Vesicles Infection, Blocked Seminal Vesicles, Enlarged Seminal Vesicles, Swollen Seminal Vesicles

Vas Deferens Injection Treatment

Deferentitis, Vas Deferens Infection, Blocked Vas Deferens


Bladder Perfusion Treatment

Bladder Infection, Cystitis, Cistitis, Bladder Infection

Urethra Perfusion Treatment

UTI Infection, UTI, Urine Infection, Urethritis, Urinary Tract Infection, Urinary Track Infection, Prostatitis, Prostate Infection, Blocked Urethra, Urethral Blockage, Incontinence, Urinary Obstruction, Urinary Blockage, Balanitis

Vaginal Perfusion Treatment

Vaginal Infection, Cervicitis, Cervical Infection, Vaginosis, Bacterial Vaginosis, Vaginitis, Bacterial Vaginitis, Vaginal Yeast Infection, Trichomoniasis, Vaginal Pain, Burning Vagina, Vaginal Odor, Vaginal Smell, Vaginal Itching

Rectal Perfusion Treatment

Prostatitis, Prostate Infection, Blocked Prostate, Epididymitis, Proctitis, UTI Infection, Urinary Tract Infection, PID, Pelvic Inflammatory Disease

Herbal Medicine Treatment

Cyst, Calcification, Calculus, Calcified Stone, Lump, Abscess, obstruction, Blockage

Uterus Injection Treatment

Endometritis, Infection in the Uterus, Uterine Infection, Inflammation in the Uterus

Fallopian Tube Injection Treatment

Salpingitis, Fallopian Tube Infection, Blocked Fallopian Tubes, Blocked Fallopian

Ovary Injection Treatment

Oophoritis, Ovarian Infection, Ovarian Inflammation, Ovary Infection

Throat Injection Treatment

Chronic Pharyngitis

Nasal Injection Treatment

Chronic Rhinitis, Otitis Media

Epididymitis Treatment

The epididymitis treatment is a comprehensive remedy that cures all epididymal symptoms:

#Epididymal Infection
The infection in the epididymis could be caused by chlamydia, ureaplasma, mycoplasma. Antibiotic medicine is carefully injected into the cyst and lump of epididymis, through vas deferens and scrotum, and works on epididymal infection. The injection protocol enables large amount of antibiotics concentrated in the small epididymal cavity, thus greatly enhances the cure rate.

#Epididymal Cysts, Epididymal Lumps
In chronic epididymitis, epididymis cyst and lump are common symptoms. These symptoms are caused by growth and metabolism of epididymal infections. Chinese herbal medicine is carefully injected into the cysts and lumps in epididymis, through vas deferens and scrotum, and works on epididymal cysts and lumps. The herbs are with natural dissolving properties, so they can surround or enter the cysts and lumps, and then soften and disintegrate the particles that form these inflammatory materials.

Features of Treatment of Epididymitis

#Local Epididymitis TreatmentĀ 
The treatment of epididymitis is administered with local injection technique, so the treatment affects only the epididymis. No other major damage or side effects are inflicted on other parts of the body.

#Exclusive Remedy for Epididymis Cyst and LumpĀ 
All western epididymitis treatments are for eradication of epididymal infections and do not have any effective remedies, natural or alternative, to cure the cysts and lumps in the epididymis. Our treatment of epididymitis is unique that it contains herbal medicine for shrinking epididymal cysts and lumps, and it is very effective.

Candidates for Epididymitis Treatment

Men with acute epididymitis or chronic epididymitis with identified bacteria infection. In many cases, they may also have prostatitis, NSU, NGU, UTI and urethritis.

Men with acute epididymitis or chronic epididymitis with negative lab test results from their local medical laboratories and could not find out the exact pathogens that are causing the epididymis symptoms. This group of epididymitis is also caused by infection from chlamydia, mycoplasma and ureaplasma.

Men with epididymal symptoms such as epididymal cysts, epididymal lumps, testicle cyst, testicle lump, testicular cysts, testicular lumps, tumor in testicle. These symptoms are caused by epididymis infections.

Men with recurring and resistant epididymitis and have been to numerous doctors and taken countless rounds of oral antibiotic treatment but epididymal symptoms persist.

Men with epididymitis that is caused by sexually transmitted disease, or STD. This group of epididymitis usually have other genital infections, such as prostatitis, UTI, NSU nonspecific urethritis, NGU nongonococcal urethritis.






Nongonococcal Urethritis


Non-specific Urethritis

Bladder Infection

Bladder Infection

Premature Ejaculation

Premature Ejaculation